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Fscope is a fiber photometry system developed by BiolinkOptics. It can be used for real time calcium signal recording of neural activity in freely behavior animals. Single-Channel and

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The Fscope fiber photometry system includes a user-friendly software for data acquisition and analysis. We provide free update and upgrade of the software.

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Experimental Data

Experimental data recorded using our fiber photometry is shown here. Animal behavior can be observed and recorded with the neural activity recording. Making sense of the recorded data and enjoy the

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Agent products

We also the dealer of Ar+ laser, solid state laser and immersion oil for objective ect., which can be used with microscopy system from Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica, and PerkinElmer.

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Latest Posts

OEM Fscope: Dual-color Fiber Photometry

22/04/2016 | 没有评论

BiolinkOptics has recently developed fscope system suitable for red fluorescent calcium dyes such as R-CaMP2. Dual-color fscope system, which is capable of simultaneous recording of green and red calcium fluorescence, can also be provided on request.

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Four-Channel fiber photometry

22/04/2016 | 没有评论

Four channel fiber photometry system can be used for calcium signal recording from four animals simultaneously. The system is now accepting pre-order and customization on request. Favourable price is provided at this time.

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Dual-channel fiber photometry

21/04/2016 | 没有评论


BiolinkOptics lanuchs two channel fiber recording system in April 2016. The dual-channel Fiber Photometry can be used to record signals either from two brain areas in single animal or two animals.

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